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Coral Flowers


It is very nice to meet you!


My name is Binna Kim. 

I am a New-York based artist, coloring page creator and floral designer. 

I create hand-drawn coloring pages with a theme of nature and my imaginary nature. I also produce artworks for exhibition, contemporary intricate drawings and lively abstract paintings with vibrant colors.

I grew up in a mountainous area by the ocean in South Korea, an environment that inspired me to explore nature and harness its power and beauty in my art.  Here in New York, I became a floral and window display designer – doing it, I feel that I’m bringing nature to the city, creating floral and plant-based designs.​

Flowers and plants remind me of my childhood, of nature and vistas and landscapes, near and far away.  Flowers and plants conjure pictures in my mind – and when that happens, I get to work!  

In the coloring pages, my idea is to present scenes that will come alive for you, with story, movement and beauty as you color them.  I hope you’ll feel the care I put into the drawing. Together, we’ll create the finished compositions – reflections of real life, real beauty. 


I hope you enjoy the coloring journey with me! ​

A Little More About Me?


Your curiosity of my art doesn't kill the cat! 

If you are interested in seeing more artworks by me, please click the cat below! 

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