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Autumn Themed Coloring Pages

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

What makes autumn so special? There are so many great things to enjoy in fall.

- Leaves getting more colors, picking colorful fallen foliage and sandwiching them between books.

- Enjoying walking on fallen leaves and listening to the sound at the same time.

- I would say you can see the best colorful and natural views of the year.

- There is something about the fall sky. It looks so clear and amazingly beautiful!

- I need to say the great weather with crisp air. The temperature of the fall season is quite similar to the spring, but the feelings we get from and colors are very different.

- Pumpkin spice latte, we can actually have this at any time, but the pumpkin flavor really matches with fall season. Don't you think so?

- Along with pumpkin latte, I love having pumpkin pie or pumpkin muffin in the morning!

- Halloween day and Thanksgiving day!

- Octoberfest and fall beer! Yay!

These are all amazing to enjoy the season. However, when it come to make drawings for coloring, I would need to view from a little different angle. I first and automatically thought of drawing fallen foliage, of course! But what else I can draw? I could make something for Halloween and Thanksgiving, carved pumpkins, spider web hanging on the top and throw some cute scary characters on the bottom of the drawings. I could also draw turkey with pumpkin. Well... I am sure you can find numerous of coloring pages with the themes.

So, what I did was to do some research about fall activities. I found apple picking, going to a fall picnic and mushroom picking. Wow! Mushroom picking sounds very cool to draw! Even though I have not done mushroom picking in my life, but I really love the idea of it. Walking in the mountain with friends who know what mushrooms to pick , taking one small basket to store the mushrooms on my arm, bringing pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate with pumpkin muffins, enjoying the nature and breathing the crisp air, searching for mushrooms and so on! It will be a whole experience of feeling the weather!

This is the story why I drew mushrooms with fall plants for 2021 autumn season. I actually drew a few more of fallen foliage (well...I could not resist it..) and mushrooms. I will eventually upload the drawings later.

Hopefully you will enjoy coloring my drawings!


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