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Story No.1 : Behind Story of this Drawing

I created this drawing about a year ago for a non-profit organization called ' I Still Matter'. They specialize in helping people with depression, trauma and mental illness. I have always been interested in their healing journey. When I heard that they were requesting coloring pages submission for their own coloring book, I Still Matter Vol.2, I immediately thought this might be my first opportunity to participate in a meaningful way in their healing process.

I drew a butterfly interacting with a flower, since they are both from one source that is dear to my heart mother nature. Nature doesn't have a straight lines, so all the angular shapes needed to be gone. (Well, the rectangular frames don't count!) Also, I decided not to draw the exact shapes of a butterfly or flowers in order to leave a creative side open for people to color this drawing with their own artistic and colorful imagination.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard yet when they are publishing the book. So I decided to make this drawing available to all who visit my website and the Instagram page.

Hopefully you will enjoy coloring this drawing!

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